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Effective date: 14 May 2018

Last update: 8 December 2020 (information about markets with first-party cookie synchronization added)

Rules for processing personal data associated with cookie ID

Sometimes we indicate in our communications to internet users that they should check whether first- party cookie synchronization is implemented on a given market. Below they can find a list of the markets where this synchronization is implemented with respective implementation date.


Market name

Is first party cookie synchronization used?

Date of implementation



In preparation


Who does process the data?

The processor of the data is Gemius SA seated in Warsaw, 48 Domaniewska St., 02-672 Warsaw.

What kind of data is being processed?

The data we process are the data associated with your cookie ID. These data concern your activity on the websites and the interaction with the ads displayed to you, e.g. the number of views (hits), time spent on the website monitored by us, technical data of the device used by you (screen resolution, operating system) or a fragment of IP number. If you have filled in the form for our gemiusAudience (in Poland: Gemius/PBI) research in a given browser, then we might associate the above data with the data you’ve shared with us, which are socio-demographic data. As a participant of this research you might have installed our software and provided us with you e-mail address – then, the data we collect are the data which are allowed by the license agreement for this software. Besides the abovementioned data, these might involve more detailed data about your device, as well as more precise information data on the ads you receive or additional information about the websites we do not monitor.

What is the purpose of collecting the data about my activity on the internet?

The information on your activity on the internet is collected for statistical purposes. We provide our Clients with the statistics and we do not share with them any information about you. We monitor ads on some of the websites. The information about hits or ads emissions might be used for adjusting the content displayed by you to your needs.

What is the legal base for processing the data?

The legal base for processing the data is the consent to processing the data associated with cookie ID, expressed in accordance with the binding law.

Who are the data sent to and shared with?

If we have your consent to processing the data for marketing purposes, we might share them with other networks that adjust the advertising, e.g. about your previous visits, however we shall not share with them the data collected for other purposes. We might share the data with our Clients, but we can do it if your data is pseudonymized or exclusively upon your consent which is given by you to the Client. Then, our Client specifies the purposes and means of using the data provided to him – but always according to the scope you’ve consented to.

Your data might be also shared with supervisory authorities for their request, for verifying the operations on processing the data.

Are my data transferred outside the EU?

The data are not passed outside the EU, provided that they do not concern people from outside this territory. Then, the data might be shared with or passed to the country of their origin. In such a situation we apply relevant agreements and regulations, so as to provide proper security standard of the processing and the legality of such an operation.

Your data is used for the preparation of statistical reports. These data do not comprise personal data. Then, the data in the form of statistical data might be transferred outside the EU.

For how long are the data stored?

Full sets of data are stored for the period of 3 years from the moment of starting to collect them. The data older than 3 years are sampled (a very big part of them is removed and only representative data are remained) and stored by us exclusively for the statistical purposes, while undertaking proper security measures.

What are my rights?

Respecting your personal rights, we support data protection according to the binding law regulations. You have the right to:

  • transfer the data (to change the data controller);
  • removal of the data which concern you (right to be forgotten);
  • correcting the data;
  • restriction of the data processing;
  • obtaining the information on the data that concern you, including the access to them;
  • lodging the objection against processing the data and in connection with automated decision-making (profiling).

In order to exercise these rights, use the website Gemius Privacy Tool.

If you don’t want us to collect, retain or share your information including IP addresses, unique user identifies, or personally identifiable information gathered on sites or apps not owned by us, please, use ”I don’t want you to collect my data” button on Gemius Privacy Tool Page.

Do I have to share my data?

You don’t have to share your data. You can block cookie adjustment either in the browser or you can exercise your rights (described above). Such a situation should cause that you will be receiving information or ads which might not be interesting and important to you.

Are my interests or other information about me predicted on the basis of these data?

Your data might be used also in the automated way, for the purposes of analysis or predictions of your interests and the information such as shopping preferences. You might lodge the objection against using the data for these purposes at any time. In order to do so, use the website Gemius Privacy Tool.

How can I contact you on the issues connected with processing my data?

Any questions and doubts within the scope of data processing might be sent to our e-mail address: privacy[at] We have appointed the Data Protection Officer - Jacek Grabowski. You can contact him at this email address. If you think that we act against these rules or if you have any questions concerning them, contact us please at the address above. You can apply with the formal complaint as well, to the personal data protection authority dedicated to the protection of this kind of data.

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